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Using Micro-suction to gently remove ear wax, foreign bodies, and external ear infections


• Blocked Ear?
• Loss of Hearing?
• Itchy Ear?
• Discharging Ear?
• Ear Ringing?

Why Micro-suction?

Blocked ears, loss of hearing, itchy ears, or ear discharge are very uncomfortable. They are usually due to ear wax, ear infection, or foreign bodies in the ear.

Micro-suction is an examination and suction of ear wax and debris using a high powered binocular operating microscope, and sometimes using delicate equipment, to treat the above problems without the discomfort of having to squirt water into the ear.

These equipment are very expensive and are usually only available at some hospitals (e.g. RVEEH) and specialist ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Surgeons. Our doctors and nurses are now trained to provide this service to you at a fraction of the price. You may be asked to use ear wax drops (oil) a few days prior to help soften very hard wax.


• You will be asked to lie on the examination bed so we can position your ear canal
• The examiner will look into your ear using an Auroscope to magnify and assess your ear canal and eardrum
• A small metal funnel will then be inserted to allow the examiner to easily view and access the ear canal
• The examiner then uses a fine suction device, and possibly fine instruments, to dislodge and remove wax and debris through the funnel
• Ear suction can be noisy, uncomfortable, and cause transient dizziness. Please let us know if you are uncomfortable with it at any stage!

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