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Pathology Services

Bloods Tests, Skin allergy testing, Iron infusion, Implanon insertion, Skin biopsies, Ingrown toenail excision, Joint injections, Cryotherapy, 24hr BP monitor, ECG, Spirometry

Health Checks

Skin checks using superior equipment (dermatoscopy & photography), Health checks, Weight & Smoking Management, Chronic Disease Assessment (Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.)

Travel Clinic

We provide expert Travel Advice and Immunisations on-site, including for Yellow Fever. Please come at least 1 month before you travel and bring your itinerary & travel questionnaire.

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Get rid of difficult problems quickly, effectively, and drug free. We specialise in managing Smoking cessation, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Phobias, Weight management, and others.

What is it?


We are very privileged to have this very high-tech, surgical device.

Radiowaves are high frequency wavelengths that generate minimal heat. Through this machine, radiowaves are channeled into a small electrode which allows it to effortlessly cut skin tissue with precision and literary without any bleeding.

As well as being able to make deep skin incisions for minor surgical procedures (.e.g. excisional biopsies, blepharoplasty), it is also used to remove superficial skin lesions such as benign moles, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratosis, warts, keloid scars, telangiectasia, etc. By carefully shaving lesions at skin level precisely, it reduces the surrounding skin damage and scarring compared to many other methods (e.g. scalpel, cryotherapy).

The Benefit?


• No pressure required allowing precise & easy cuts

• Minimal bleeding as it coagulate whilst cutting

• Bacteria free incisions

• Minimal (if any) scarring

• Generally better healing

• Less pain

• Less inflammation

• Less swelling

• Cosmetically superior results to scalpel incisions (and many other methods)



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Please book an appointment to discuss with our doctors first.

Only benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions can be cleanly removed.

Topical or injectable local anesthetic is used to numb the area first. Complete healing usually takes up to a few weeks.

Because Medicare does NOT pay for any “cosmetic“ procedures, there will be private fee. Please check with our staff and doctors.

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