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Diabetes Educator

Optimal control of your Diabetes is essential in preventing life-long complications

Pathology Services

Bloods Tests, Skin allergy testing, Iron infusion, Implanon insertion, Skin biopsies, Ingrown toenail excision, Joint injections, Cryotherapy, 24hr BP monitor, ECG, Spirometry

Health Checks

Skin checks using superior equipment (dermatoscopy & photography), Health checks, Weight & Smoking Management, Chronic Disease Assessment (Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.)

Travel Clinic

We provide expert Travel Advice and Immunisations on-site, including for Yellow Fever. Please come at least 1 month before you travel and bring your itinerary & travel questionnaire.

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Get rid of difficult problems quickly, effectively, and drug free. We specialise in managing Smoking cessation, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Phobias, Weight management, and others.


Wednesdays, every fortnight



My work in diabetes education includes clinical research and working at the forefront of new diabetes medications and insulin. New patients will get a free high quality glucometer. Bulking Billing is available and patients will be eligible for a full Medicare Rebate with current GDMP and TCA care plans completed by your GP.



Registered Div 1 nurse with post graduate qualifications in Coronary Care and Midwifery, she is a passionate Credentialed Diabetes Educator who continues to also work in Diabetes Clinical Research.

What Do Diabetes Educators Do?

Credentialed diabetes educators help people with diabetes to understand the risks and benefits of lifestyle choices and treatment options. They work with other members of the healthcare team to achieve clinical targets, good health and wellbeing.

For your appointment you will need to bring a blood sugar meter, record book, reading glasses, copy of your GP management plan/team care arrangement and an insulin pen. Bringing a friend or relative is also recommended.

How Can Diabetes Educators Help?

• What diabetes is and how it can affect your health and reduce risk
• Monitoring blood sugars and understand the results, giving you the freedom to make choices, the confidence to learn from your actions and the motivation to keep striving to do better
• Using medication including insulin and explain how they work
• How to plan for good mental and physical health
• Provide education and support on how to self-manage your diabetes
• Manage your diabetes when you are unwell

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