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Medical History Form

Please print and complete this form to provide your medical history

Medical Record Transfer

Please print and complete this form to give consent and allow us to transfer your Medical Records from your previous doctor

Skin Allergy Testing Instructions

Please read the following instructions before you book for a Skin Allergy Test. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a defective result

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

More information on Neuroliguistic Programming (NLP)


More information about Hypnotharpy

Pre-travel Questionaire

Please complete this form before you attend your doctor


How you can be subsidized by the government for Allied Health visits

45yo & 75 Health Assessment

Crucial ages for development of various chronic medical problems

4yo Health Assessment

Toddler health assessment to detect any early childhood medical or psychological problems that may impact on the child’s growth and development

Mental Health Care Plans

The government may subsidize chronic mental health problems requiring you to see a psychologist

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Dr Steve Chao

Dr Richard Shawyer

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